Air freight is a relatively new term that has been coined to describe the shipment of cargo by air. Air freight is a cost-effective and fast way to send furniture, cars, or any other large item that can’t be sent by conventional means like rail or trucking. With over 12 million tons of goods transported every year in the U.K. alone, air freight provides businesses with incredible growth opportunities. Here at M.A. Logistics, we can offer your fast and professional air freight services. To find out more, you can get in touch with our team today. 

Airlines offer significant advantages compared to other transportation methods: airfares are generally lower than those provided by ground shippers; there’s no need for time-consuming customs clearance, and shipments arrive faster – often within 24 hours! To find out the main advantages of using air freight, continue reading our latest blog post.

Flights Go Across the World

Airlines generally fly worldwide, meaning you are open to shipping packages anywhere! You can open your business up to shipping worldwide in countries you didn’t even know you could reach.

Insurance Is Cheaper With Air Freight

When it comes to air freight, the time packages are in the air is usually relatively short compared to if you use sea freight and road freight; this means the overall insurance cost will be cheaper. Air freight can be more expensive on the face of things, but with lower insurance costs, it does balance out.

Liverpool air cargo services
Liverpool air cargo services Worldwide

Do You Need A Fast Shipping method?

When shipping goods that need to reach their destination quickly, air freight is the best option available. Air freight services can get your products to their final delivery point, sometimes as quick as 24 hours! It is a much faster option than road freight and sea freight.

Reliable departures & Arrivals

When it comes to flights, the arrivals and departures are usually like clockwork, meaning they are more reliable than some of the other freight options on the market today. Airlines like to keep a tight schedule; this includes air freight; with regular flights, even if a container were missed, it would be on the move within an hour or so.

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Security, Theft & Damage Risk Are Low

When you go to the airport, you will more than likely go through a range of checkpoints and security checks; this is the same for your packages being shipped using air freight. Airports manage their security and safety exceptionally tightly, meaning your cargo will be safe and secure within the airport at all times and whilst in the air.

Reduced Need For Warehouses

When it comes to your warehouse needs, using air freight leaves you with the opportunity to reduce your warehouse space, this would work on the basis that flights depart and arrive much faster than if you are using air or road. This means you don’t need to waste money on extra storage as your packages will be able to come and go regularly. 

Air freight is also much quicker than sea and road due to the airports’ highly skilled custom clearance workers. Your packages will be cleared and at their final destination in no time.

You Don't Need As Much Packaging

When it comes to using air freight as your choice of shipping, you don’t need to use anywhere near as much packaging. This is because flights are a lot smoother than the other options on the market for your freight. You are saving both times in the packaging department and saving money on the packaging you need.

Do You Want To Track Your Cargo?

You can easily track your packages and cargo; this can be done through specific company monitoring systems and simply following the flights you are using to ship your freight. Tracking your shipment means you can give your customers tracking details so they can keep an eye on it or ensure it is on track to arrive at the right time. 

Air freight is much easier to track than other options such as road and sea freight.

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