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At M.A Logistics, we pride ourselves on being one of the leading air freight forwarders in the UK. We can provide a wide range of air freight forwarding services to individuals and businesses in Liverpool and the UK. With our global connections, we can transport your items safely and fastest.

Whether it’s goods for a retail business or furniture for your home, we can transport them for you. With our air freight options to choose from, we will ensure you choose the best option for your requirements.

Known as one of the top air freight companies in the country, you will always receive the highest quality air freight shipping services from our team.

We are air freight forwarders that offer a complete range of freight services and international shipping; we have extensive industry knowledge. With a global network, our air shipments will always arrive on time and safely. We pride ourselves on damage-free delivery.

We undertake air freight work, including express door-to-door services, consolidation services, daily departures and hazardous cargo. Our global cross-trade services include packing and unpacking as well as customs clearance.

For more information on our services or if you have any questions, please get in touch with us today! We would be happy to give you an instant air freight quote; our air freight experts offer a high-value and reliable service to every client!

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Air Cargo UK & International Freight Forwarding

When you require air freight specialists, you can be sure to count on the team at M.A Logistics; we have many years of experience when it comes to air freight in Liverpool and across the UK. We can provide general cargo air freight forwarders and speciality air freight forwarding services with various routing options.

You can trust that you’re in the right hands as we ship items in the most secure, safe and reliable way; our team of air freight forwarders are second to none; working from airport to airport, we can confidently provide you fast delivery speeds, easy to follow tracking number options and fixed schedules.

At M.A Logistics, we only ship items to the highest standards and provide a quality service; you can also count on us to ensure value-for-money services and competitive prices. You won’t find Liverpool air cargo services like ours; our cargo handling skills are second to none.

Renowned across the UK, when it comes to top-of-range air freight services, M.A Logistics will ensure that you receive the best services possible. We also aim to keep our clients and customers updated with their parcel or package status.

As well as providing a quality service, we aim to offer affordability, so no matter what you send or receive, call the team at M.A Logistics. You can even track if your items have left or arrived at the Liverpool John Lennon Airport or any other airport we use.

Door To Door Air Freight In The UK

If you are searching for freight services in the UK, be sure to call on the team at M.A Logistics today. We have years of experience within the air freight industry, so with this in mind, we are the team to call upon when looking for air freight services in the UK.

The supply chain we can provide you with is second to none.

Air cargo services might seem complicated, but by choosing us as your Liverpool air cargo service experts, we are more than capable of taking the stress away from you; we can even transport dangerous goods.

We are home to a highly knowledgeable team and will be on hand to support your needs, no matter what; for air cargo in Liverpool and the UK, our team will always be on hand to assist; we offer all types of freight, so whatever your requirements, make sure you call on our team today. We have you covered if you need us to deliver your products or possessions worldwide.

Air Freight Forwarding Service

Some individuals and businesses require air freight, so we offer some air services, including next-day air transport services. As professionals in the air freight industry, we aim to provide a first-class service ensuring your goods are transported safely and securely.

We have worked with various sectors over the years and know the best mode of transport, ensuring your goods are delivered safely and promptly.

From China to Australia and many more, we can provide freight forwarding to and from several popular destinations from China to Australia.

We offer a complete range of air freight services. We undertake air freight work of all sizes and have extensive industry knowledge. Some of the air freight services we can provide are:

  • Express door to door
  • Consolidation Services
  • Daily Departures
  • Hazardous cargo
  • Packing
  • Global Cross Trade Services
  • Worldwide Network
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Affordable Air Freight From China To UK

Are you looking for affordable air freight from China to the UK? Airfreight from China to the UK has become a very competitive and popular service with the fast transit time. M.A. Logistics can offer an express airfreight service for urgent air cargo at affordable rates. As a member of the IATA (International Air Transport Association), M.A. Logistics has direct contracts with all airlines and aircraft carriers and has signed contractual rates across the world; therefore can offer competitive rates with an express and reliable air freight service to countries worldwide.

The airline’s transit time from China is ten working days. Only 3~5 days in most cases. This is a vast reduction compared to ocean freight. Nowadays, the fast delivery time alone from air freight and aircraft carriers can significantly impact a business niche. If you need more information about our affordable air freight from China to the UK, all you need to do is get in touch today! 

If you need to transport your goods in a hurry, air freight is the best shipping option for your needs. It is the fastest and most convenient method – an eight-hour flight can take up to eight days at sea, which is unsuitable for time-sensitive goods.

At M.A. Logistics, we make the process even simpler, whatever your destination, as we handle all the paperwork and provide insurance for our commercial and private clients. Our prices quoted typically include customs clearance and delivery to your door unless you wish to arrange this yourself, of course.

When calculating air freight costs, everything is by weight, so if you have bulky cargo, convert it down using a volumetric conversion (length x width x height) to get the weight that the cargo will be rated against. This is done using a simple formula of length x width x height, giving the total cubic measurement, and then you divide it down by 0.006.

So, for instance if you had a 20kg package but the size was 60x50x50cm this would equate to 0.15cbm / 0.006 = 25kgs.

M.A. Logistics now offers cargo insurance for all shipments at very cost-effective prices.

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At M.A. Logistics Ltd, we understand that customers choose air freight for speed and urgency. Our service reflects this by negotiating the most competitive pricing using reliable, premium airlines. By using our extensive and knowledgeable network of dedicated agents throughout the world, we are also in a position to offer combined sea/air transportation.

We aim to provide a wide range of air freight forwarding services to our customers and clients across the UK; with this in mind, at M.A. Logistics, we aim to make sure that goods are transported in the safest and fastest way possible, what’s more, are we also aim to provide a range of related services such as storage and delivery services, not just sea freight.

Our sea freight shipping is available virtually anywhere and everywhere across the globe. At M.A. Logistics, we will ensure that we can help and support all types of businesses and brands, from local businesses to international companies.

At M.A. Logistics, our team will work closely alongside you to ensure that all of your air freight needs are met; with this in mind, we’ll ensure that you receive both a professional and efficient service.

When you require an air freight forwarder in the UK, make M.A. Logistics your first choice. We have a wealth of experience in the sea freight industry and can transport any item; we can even offer you road freight and sea freight services. If you wonder whether Sea freight or Air freight is correct for you, why not check out our blog on the topic?

Our team can offer you our air freight services in the following locations; Birmingham, Bristol, Felixstowe, Leeds and Manchester.

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For airfreight in the UK, look no further than M.A. Logistics; we have covered you. When needing a reliable air freight forwarder in the UK, make sure that M.A. Logistics is your first port of call. We have a wealth of experience in the freight industry and can transport any item, whatever your needs or requirements.

Our air freight forwarding service is available to clients across the UK, and we can ship items to or from a country of your choice. No matter your air freight forwarding requirements, we have more than got you covered. Contact us today for air freight services, more information, or to arrange air freight forwarding in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions about Air Freight

At M.A. Logistics, we try to make our air freight prices as simple as possible, below is what you will need to get a quote from our customer support experts:

  • Weight and Dimensions/Volume of your goods
  • Flight terms that your supplier is offering
  • The outbound port
  • Where the goods are being delivered to

The volume or the weight calculates airfreight cost. It’s usually the volume, so we need to know the dimensions of your shipment to get you a competitive price and shipment cost.

When choosing the best shipping service and method, there are three factors to consider. First, consider what you are shipping and its dimensions.

For items heavier than 200kg or a large volume, Sea shipping is the most cost-effective, allowing you to ship more at a lower rate.

The second consideration is how fast it needs to arrive at the destination and transit times. If time is a factor, air shipping is the way to go. Packages shipped via air usually arrive within 2 to 14 days. On the other hand, packages shipped via sea take approximately 35 to 70 days to arrive.

The third consideration is determining your shipment budget. If cost is not an issue, air shipping may be your best option. However, the budget-conscious will find Sea shipments to be more cost-effective.

At M.A. Logistics, our company is known for its reliable and trustworthy freight shipment service across the globe. Don’t be hesitant to choose M.A. Logistics, operating from our depot in Essex and nationally throughout the UK. We specialise in shipping and shipments to the Far East, Australasia and the Americas. We can also assist with customs clearance and customs, ensuring high-value shipments and express service.